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  • Agribusiness

    Brasilminas develops functional and special mineral additives for the entire agribusiness chain, from soil preparation (correctives, seeds), going through all stages of farming (pesticides, fertilizers), in addition to additives for animal health and nutrition. In our line of products can be highlighted: Attapulgite, Clay, Kaolin, Carbonates, Drying Powders, etc.
  • Civil Construction

    Our materials are used in all stages of civil construction, from the foundation to the finishing, because these materials are present in the concrete, waterproofing materials, coatings, etc. The used mineral additives are: quartz sand, barite, bentonite, kaolin, hydrated lime, quicklime, calcite coated, diatomite, zinc stearate, infusorial earth, etc.
  • Paints

    Brasilminas provides mineral additives of high purity and fine grain size, such as: pagodite, barite, calcite, dolomite, kaolin, diatomite, mica, quartz, talc, etc. These additives are used in the manufacture of paints for industry in general and specific types of industry, like automotive, civil construction, furniture, textile, shipbuilding, etc.
  • Plastics

    The most important families of plastics utilize mineral fillers to provide to the final product a series of physical/chemical properties and the most used are: kaolin, talc, carbonates, calcium oxide, etc.
  • Chemistry

    The chemical area encompasses several industrial segments, such as: water treatment, petrochemical, household cleaners (domissanitary), dyes and pigments, oils and lubricants, foundry, tannery, etc. Brasilminas’ mineral additives are present in these segments.
  • Rubber

    The reinforcement mineral additives (Pagodite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, precipitated silica, calcium silicate, talc, etc.) are widely used in rubber, to provide a number of benefits to the final product, such as: mechanical resistance, high modules, thermal stability, low density, etc.


In its history, Brasilminas has dedicated itself to the improvement of products, always seeking to meet the needs of the market and finding constantly new solutions through research and development, since adjusting line products up to the conception of new products. Thus, Brasilminas has one of the most complete lines of mineral specialties in the market.

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The most complete line of mineral specialties in the Brazilian Market
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Expert on the production and sales of mineral additives to the main industrial sectors of Brazil and other countries.
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Formulation, crushing, milling, micronizing, moistures, sieving, bagging – to the most diverse sectors of economy.
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